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Spellbook Locations

Below is a list of where all the spellbooks can be bought and found in Wizardry 8.

Note: The Book of Death (Instant Death) spellbook is flagged as usable only by those professions studying Divinity (Bishops, Lords, Priests, and Valkyries). Those professions studying Psionics (Psionics and Monks) cannot learn the spell from the book and will have to choose it during a level up (when it becomes available).

Where you can buy spellbooks

Braffit -
Angels (Guardian Angel)
Banishing (Banish)
Blessings (Bless)
Disease Cures (Cure Disease)
Enchantment (Enchanted Blade)
Healing (Heal Wounds)
Missiles (Magic Missiles)
Paralysis Cures (Cure Paralysis)
Poison Cures (Cure Poison)
Removal (Remove Curse)
Resting (Rest All)
Screens (Magic Screen)
Souls (Soul Shield)
Wounding (Make Wounds)

Anna -
Charming (Charm)
Detection (Detect Secrets)
Holding (Paralyze)
Knocks (Knock Knock)
Relics (Identify Item)
Resting (Rest All)
Traps (Divine Trap)

Fuzzfas -
Barriers (Missile Shield)
Itching (Itching Skin)
Relics (Identify Item)

Lower Marten's Bluff
Sadok -
Barriers (Missile Shield)
Booms (Sonic Boom)
Breath (Dracon Breath)
Corrosion (Acid Splash)
Dark Hound (Shadow Hound)
Freezing (Freeze Flesh)
Fumes (Noxious Fumes)
Holding (Paralyze)
Knocks (Knock Knock)
Lesser Cures (Cure Lesser Condition)
Paralysis Cures (Cure Paralysis)
Poison Cures (Cure Poison)
Resting (Rest All)
Slowness (Slow)
Sound (Shrill Sound)

Crock -
Acid (Acid Bomb)
Corrosion (Acid Splash)
Crushing (Crush)
Detection (Detect Secrets)
Disease Cures (Cure Disease)
Ego Whip
Elements (Elemental Shield)
Fiery Rings (Ring of Fire)
Fire (Fire Bomb)
Ice (Iceball)
Insight (X-Ray)
Removal (Remove Curse)
Retaliation (Eye for an Eye)
Souls (Soul Shield)
Traps (Divine Trap)
Whirlwinds (Whirlwind)

Umpani Base Camp
Kunar -
Blinding (Blinding Flash)
Burning Thoughts (Psionic Fire)
Chameleons (Chameleon)
Energy (Energy Blast)
Fireballs (Fireball)
Itching (Itching Skin)
Knocks (Knock Knock)
Lures (Hypnotic Lure)
Razors (Razor Cloak)
Resting (Rest All)
Rocks (Whipping Rocks)
Webs (Web)

Rapax Castle Main Level
Ferro -
Dessication (Dehydrate)
Elements (Elemental Shield)
Freeze All
Heal All
Hexes (Hex)
Portals (Set Portal)
Psionic Blast
Purification (Purify Air)
Return (Return to Portal)
Sanity (Sane Mind)
Statues (Body of Stone)
Summoning (Summon Elemental)
Toxic Cloud

Where you can find spellbooks

Lower Monastery
* Light (Library)
* Stamina (Near bookshelf along hallway)

Upper Monastary
* Bless (Hall of Meditation)
* Divine Trap (Hall of Meditation)

* Set Portal (Mook Building)
* Cure Lesser Condition (Abandoned House)

Trynton Upper Branches
* Heal Wounds (Bough Two)
* Set Portal (Bough Four)

Mount Gigas Caves
* Return to Portal (Unexplored Territory)
* Cure Lesser Condition (East of lake beneath Unexplored Territory)

* Banish (West edge of northern beach)
* Acid Splash (Round lake in the south-east of swamp's northern half)

Upper Marten's Bluff
* Set Portal (via "back" stairs leading up from LMB)
* Haste (via "back" stairs leading up from LMB)

Lower Marten's Bluff
* Crush (In corner of T'Rang's small "This is a Restricted Area")
* Remove Curse (Northern storeroom in Marten's secret area)

South East Wilderness
* Banish (Pulpit of Cathedral)

Northern Wilderness
* Return to Portal (ESE Hogar Cave)
* Frost (Island in lake)
* Haste (Retro Dungeon - http://wiz8.web1000.com/NorthernWalkthrough.html)

Mountain Wilderness
* Chameleon (Retro Dungeon - http://wiz8.web1000.com/MountainWalkthrough.html)
* Instant Death (Retro Dungeon - http://wiz8.web1000.com/MountainWalkthrough.html)

Wilderness Clearing/Rapax Away Camp
* Instant Death (Queen's Cave)

* Heal All (Top of hill with Sea Sprites)
* Return to Portal (Hut with Battlelords)

Sea Caves
* Sane Mind (In niche in southeast-most cave)
* Hex (Chest in warrens near Marten's Tomb slippery bridge)
* Cure Light Condition (Chest in warrens near Marten's Tomb slippery bridge)

Rapax Rift
* Crush (In one of the three Rapax prisoner cells)
* Fireball (At the feet of Al-Sedexus statue)
* Hex (Eastern-most underground room with Rapax Corpses)
* Itching Skin (In top-left of the four Rapax bedrooms)

Upper Rapax Castle
* Shadow Hound (Top-right of the four Servant Quarters)
* Superman (Small room off Rapax Queen's Chamber)
* Heal All (Chest in locked room of Rapax Queen's Bedroom)
* Purify Air (Chest in locked room of Rapax Queen's Bedroom)
* Soul Shield (Chest in locked room of Rapax Queen's Bedroom)
* Toxic Cloud (Chest in locked room of Rapax Queen's Bedroom)

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