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Combat Monster Movement Accelerator

One fact many people have found confronting when playing Wizardry 8, has been the slow pace of combat. Whilst, this is one of the real pleasures of Wiz8, compared to the frantic click-fest of some so-called role playing games or the onslaught of information with other real-time combat RPGs, the having to wait for each and every individual monster to move into place can get a bit tiresome (especially when dealing with large "swarms" of monsters).

So a few months after the release of Wiz8, a number of fans kicked around some ideas of how this could be over-come. Out of this, came the idea, there is already a movement slider in the Options screens, this setting is stored in a configration file, what would happen if this value was "bumped up a bit".

(3Kb) This proved to be a very workable solution, and so a simple program was written to handle the settings for you (name of the author has been lost, but credits for this binary are to that person).

All you need do is download this file, unzip and place the Wiz8Fast.exe file into the same directory that you installed Wizardry 8 into. Then before starting Wiz8, run the program and move the slider to the desired settings and click the Ok button.

Note: If you move the slider beyond about half way, the monsters will appear to "pop" into place, instead of actually moving, this can be rather unsettling at times (if not downright scary!).

Click here to download the latest version (Wiz8Fast.zip, 4Kb)

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Last Update: October 26, 2003.